Road To Recovery

By:  Cole Miller

After living through a horrible ATV accident last month, today, a young Lincoln man moves forward in his recovery with his friends and family right by his side.

We've been following the story of Eric Lomison for weeks now.  He was volunteering at the Lancaster Event Center when tragedy struck.

And after being in critical condition just weeks ago, he's looking to make a full recovery.

These scars and staples are a haunting reminder for Eric Lomison, it was a little more than a month ago when he fell off a moving ATV at the Lancaster Event Center…”that's when my skull cracked and a bunch of swelling, things like that,” Lomison says.

Now, Eric's out of the hospital ahead of schedule and racing towards recovery.  The 2004 North Star graduate has a lot of support.

Former classmate Taylor Cobb set up “Race To Recovery” to help out his friend…”I always felt that it's important that you need to give back more than you take and when I heard about his accident initially, I was very shocked and wanted to help out and put my two cents in and I felt this would be the least I could do.”

More than 100 runners help to raise more than 1,000 dollars during the 1 mile fun run…”I'm just surprised by how many people actually came to support me. I don't necessarily know everyone, but I'm glad they're all here,” Lomison says.

It's this kind of support that keeps him going.  He says he's become close with his nurses and physical therapists… So close that he now wants to become a therapist himself.  “My drive is just that much more now that that happened. So, just keep going.” 

If you'd like to help out Eric and his family, a “Race To Recovery” fund has been set up at U.S. bank.  You can donate at any branch.