Roofing companies contribute to economy through spike in business

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Back in early May, softball size hail pounded parts of south Lincoln, leaving many homeowners with lots of cleanup. But more so, many Lincolnites were turning to their insurance companies for a new roof.

White Castle Roofing, a locally owned and operated company, says they’ve seen a major spike in business from the storm.

"Our phones have been ringing off the hook we’ve got about 8 thousand phone calls since the storm and with only 11 sales guys we’ve been doing our best to get  to everybody and we’re just working through it,” Dane Hansen, Owner, White Castle Roofing, said.

White Castle has crews working all across the city to keep up with demand.

"This year has different, its defiantly way busier, we’ve received so many phone calls we’ve been trying to get through as many of them as possible, we’re way backed up but in the scheme of things it’s a normal year just really busy and we’re getting through it,” Hansen said.

White Castle buys their materials from a local supplier, and since the business is local, all the money they’re making goes back into the community.

"Well most of our guys work for us, and they all pay their taxes, because they’re all legal so all the money gets reinvested into the community because it actually goes to pay taxes, not around it and we invest a lot of it into charities as well,” Hansen said.

While they say their hands have been full with all the extra work, they’re glad Lincoln is choosing to go local.