Rough Riders Make Donation to Letterbox Book Club

        The Nebraska Rough Riders might be tough bikers but they’ve got a big soft spot for kids in need.

        They rode up to Barnes and Noble this afternoon with one purpose, to help kids in the Nebraska get books.

        The group presented a check for five hundred dollars to Letterbox Book Club.

        It’s an organization that creates packages of books and other educational materials for kids in the Nebraska foster care system. 

        "This was a need that hadn’t been met yet. We have really cool programs out there that do clothing donations and hygiene products but educational activities were something that was missing," said Jacqueline D’Angelo a UNL researcher and volunteer with Letterbox Book Club.

        The Letterbox Book Club originated in the UK, but researchers at the University of Nebraska brought the idea to the U.S.. 

        They send kids in foster care six packages a year along with hand written notes, hoping to promote parent child interaction and give kids something to be excited about.

        "What kid doesn’t love getting mail? We provide them with books, different games, crafts, just things to get them engaged with their foster parent and let them know people are thinking about them," said D’Angelo.

        Thanks to the generosity of the Rough Riders the group will be able to provide two and a half kids with packages for the next year. 

        "If we can help a kid get through some difficult times with reading or that doesn’t have a chance to get a book or doesn’t have access to internet or anything like that then this is a free way for them to get a book," said Jeff Barnes, the president of the Rough Riders.

        The Letterbox Book Club also got a portion of today’s sales from Barnes and Noble. 

        If you would like more information to donate to the Letterbox Book Club go to