Rules Laid Down For Taxi Rides Paid For By Medicaid

By: KLKN Newsroom

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) The Nebraska Public Service Commission has ordered that taxi companies cannot force elderly and disabled people whose rides are paid for by Medicaid to share taxis with others.

Omaha-based Happy Cab, which doesn’t transport multiple people without passengers’ permission, filed a complaint against Lincoln-based Servant Cab, which did. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services said the federal government encourages cabs to take multiple riders because it saves money. The department said it has the authority to instruct taxis to multiload because the state pays the fare.

Officials say that the service commission, which regulates taxi companies, wrote a Dec. 15 opinion disputing the health department. The commission says consent must be received from the first passenger, regardless of who is paying for the fare.