Salvation Army asking for fan donations

In this dangerous heat, if you don't have air conditioner, a working fan is a must. But those with the Salvation Army say the demand is high, and they need more. Just try to imagine, a heat wave in full force and you're unable to afford a working fan. It may be hard for some to visualize themselves in that situation. But some Lincoln residents have been there before.

“Well I work outside every day in, in my business. And why, it was extremely hot,” Al LoBrillo said.

This man is one of hundreds who rely on the Salvation Army to get a good fan to get by with the heat. Salvation army officials say with the rising temperatures and the growing lines. They're in need of more donations to meet the demand.

“One fan, if you pick an extra fan at Wal-Mart…it might not take that much time but that can make all the difference to a family,” Karen Cullinan with the Salvation Army said

The Salvation Army has given out about 300 fans so far this summer. But with this current heat wave, the demand is high.  As you know, the Army always accepts donations, and all types of fans are welcome. Those in need want to encourage everyone to give to the cause. Who knows… It may even save a life.

“Maybe someone will come forward and help them. Get some more fans because the elderly needs them more than anybody,” LoBrillo said.

Salvation Army officials are getting more fans but they say many more are still needed.

To donate, you can drop by the office located on Potter street.  Or you can text the word “Lincoln” to 8-0-8-8-8. It's an automatic 10-dollar donation.