Salvation Army Bell Ringer Gets Scammed

A woman has been scamming Salvation Army bell-ringers. They're calling her “the grinch who stole the red kettles.” Both in Lincoln and Omaha, a woman has convinced Salvation Army bell-ringers to leave their post and then makes off with the donation-kettle and the money in it. Here in Lincoln, it happened Monday night to Regina Smith, who was ringing bells at the 27th and Superior Hy-Vee.

The suspect is described as a thin white female in her 40's with dark shoulder-length hair and a speech impediment. She was driving a maroon van. In Omaha, the woman lured bell ringers away from their kettles saying they had free meals coming in the nearby food-court, as a reward for doing a good job. The good thing is, the money from the Salvation Army kettles is collected periodically each day, so most of the time, there's 'not' that much in them.