Salvation Army Donates Backpacks To Kids In Need

Back to school time can be exciting for some kids, but when money is tight, it can be difficult for parents.

The Salvation Army came through once again Wednesday, along with retailers like Kohl's and the citizens of Lincoln to make back to school a little easier on low income families.

Kids everywhere are excited about school starting up again.

Well, some are anyway.

With school comes new friends, new classes and new experiences.

For parents, back to school time brings up mixed emotions.

From the sadness of seeing them go, to the excitement of having them out of the house.

But, it also means back to school shopping.

And these stories are repeated time and again.

Which is exactly why the Salvation Army puts on this back to school program for low income families every year.

They take donations for things like pencils, rulers, glue and the all important Spider Man back packs.

But, getting these donations was no easy task this year, even for the Salvation Army.

With help from Kohls and a last minute push of donations from Lincoln citizens, the school supplies giveaway was a great success.

Good news for the kids whose only worry should be whether there's going to be homework on the first day.

And the hundreds of moms and dads with no other options.

If you missed the giveaway today, you're not too late.

We called back to the Salvation Army and they said there's still school supplies left over.

Some of that will go to area schools, but if you stop by their location on 27th and Potter you can find what you need or donate something to the cause.