Salvation Army in desperate need of fan donations

More hot days are ahead and some people in Lincoln need help cooling off.  

When temperatures get this hot, going without a fan goes from steamy to serious.  That's why The Salvation Army is asking for help to keep those in need safe and cool.

With scorching sun and sizzling temps even the shade isn't enough to cool down.  The heat wave is  putting some people in a sticky situation.  Cindy Luft says, “it's very hot, very humid.  If you don't have a fan, you cook.”

That's why Cindy stopped by the Salvation Army hoping to find a free fan to cool off.

Leta Powell Drake works with the Salvation Army and says fans are few and far between.  “It's hotter than blazes out here and people really could use a fan but we can't, we went to the cupboard and the cupboard is bare.”

350 fans flew off the shelves; the Salvation Army's entire inventory. The organization ordered more, but at about $12–$15 dollars a piece, box fans are hard to buy without donations.

The money raised back during the chilly days of Christmas is running out and the Salvation Army needs enough help to hand out fans through September.

With more hot days on the horizon, Cindy hopes help is on the way.  “It is hot for people who have to be out in the heat.  We would really appreciate your donations or your help.”

The Salvation Army is located just north of 27th and Holdrege streets.  You can stop by there and give money or drop off a new box or oscillating fan.