Sam Jam Celebration

The fourth of July weekend in Lincoln is officially underway.  Uncle Sam Jam is booming out at Oak Lake Park…with fun festivities for the entire family.

Whether you go for the games, the food or the massive fireworks display, the Uncle Sam Jam has something for the whole family.

It may not be the fourth of July just yet, but at Oak Lake Park the celebrations have already begun.  Families can take part in activities such as canoeing, carnival games and bingo.

The youngsters say Independence day is one of their favorite times of the year.  Traleigha and Chaneille Martin say, “there's all kinds of fun games here and I like all of them. The fourth of July is a fun time. The park is the most fun place you could ever go for the fourth of July.”

Many others at the jam say they are most looking forward to tonight's big firework display which is set to include thousands of artillery shells.

If you plan on attending tonight's firework display at ten, park officials say the earlier you can come, the better.  It is expected that nearly 30,000 people will be in and around the park tonight.