Sam’s Club helps start a healthy year

Posted by: Abigail Wood

When things get busy, one of the first things to slip is personal wellness. Sam’s Club is trying to help by offering free health screenings.

"You just get into an everyday routine and wellness kind of gets put to the side in some people’s busy lives," said Tara King, Sam’s Club pharmacy manager. "And if you’re in here shopping anyway or if you’re just in the area it’s a quick and simple test."

Sam’s offers the tests on the second Saturday of every month, and this Saturday, the first of the New Year, was special. They focused on blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, hearing tests, and more–aiming to catch health risks early and start the New year out right.

Miriam Roth and her husband have been to a few of the monthly tests. After the screening, which only took a few minutes, they headed off to knock out the week’s shopping list.

"We only live four or five minutes away," Roth said. "It’s really convenient for us to come here and shop and also do the health screening at the same time."

The checks usually see 40-50 people, and operate on a walk-in basis. Tara King at the pharmacy said they amount to about a $200 value, and there’s the added benefit of being set up inside the pharmacy itself.

"A lot of times people come up and their levels are a little big higher or their cholesterol is a little bit higher they refer them back to me and we can talk about over-the-counter options," King said.

She added that, if the tests do warrant a doctor’s visit, people are more likely to set one up if they have numbers in front of them.