Saving Nebraska’s Wildlife

Checking a little box on your state tax form could save an animal's life in Nebraska. Nebraska has over 2,000 non game species. That's 98% of the state's wildlife that could be lost if funding keeps decreasing. It's tax time and the last thing many Nebraskan's want to do is hand out even more money to the government. But one tax-deductable checkoff keeps on getting passed over and forgotten by tax payers.

The Non-Game and Endangered Species Conservation fund let's the public enjoy Nebraska's Natural Wildlife and Legacy ranging from the blanding turtle to the flying squirrel. The good news is for every ten dollar donation. The federal government increases that money into about a $ 60 benefit for our furry friends. The game and parks commission knows how important these donations are, that's why they want to get the word out before it's too late. Now we have to mention there are two other check-off programs on the Nebraska tax form.. They are the Nebraska State Fair Foundation and the State Campaign Finance Contribution.