Scam targets Social Security and Disability recipients

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Another person almost falls victim to a scam and wants people to be aware.

She says she's lucky she didn't give them any information, but wants to warn others that this one targets people on social security and disability.

Pam Mosley gets a call from a company called “Internet Solutions” and a man tells her she's eligible for a grant.  She could get 2,000 dollars every month for the next year.  But there's a catch.

“Because I had a debt free credit card, he told me I had to pay 750 dollars to receive this grant and for my first check of 2,500 dollars, and it would go from there, nothing guaranteed.”

The man told Mosley the average qualifier is 70–years–old and they have to be drawing from either Social security or Disability.  She knew it was fishy and ended the call immediately.

“I'm not paying 750 dollars for a grant, thank you,” she told the man.

She said she knows you never pay for a grant.  But she's almost a decade younger than the average victim and worries others might not realize it's fake.

“Yes, and a lot of people aren't aware of that.  And they think well, okay maybe it'll cost me 600 dollars but I can make 2–3000 dollars a month.  And that's just wrong,” Mosley said.

Mosley said the man who called isn't what she expected from a scam artist.  He was kind and talked about his mother.  But it was fake and she cautions others to think before they give anyone personal information.

“Be careful, especially if you're on a fixed income and elderly, you know, I don't want to see anyone get hurt because we are already fighting hard enough as it is.”

Again, the name of this company is Internet Solutions. Never send money or give personal information to people who you don't know, regardless of what they say you could get in return.