Scams circulating Lincoln area

 A warning for people when it comes to phone and mail scams.

In the past two weeks Lincoln Police say there have been at least seven reports of scams involving winning money.

Lincoln resident Christi Bauer says her mother has been receiving phone calls from an 876 area code for about a year now.  Each time the caller says her mother has won money, but in order to get it she has to send him money.

Christi says, “at first she was like, 'oh yeah, maybe I won!'  Then, 'no, did you sign up for it? No?  Okay, then don't even talk to the guy.'”

Christi's mom didn't fall for the scam.  Police want to remind everyone, if you win a legitimate lottery, you won't be notified over the phone and you won't have to pay any money.