Scary Moments For Firth Man

A Firth man and his wife found themselves in a bizarre and unexpected situation over the weekend.

Jim Rice says he is very thankful to be alive after he woke up Sunday morning and found a bullet next to his head.

It went through his bedroom wall and landed on a pillow, while he slept. 

Rice says he never expected something like that to happen, and at first, a million things ran thru his head, that maybe someone did try to shoot at him.

But authorities don't believe that was the case. The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office says the bullet richoceted off a school sign about 10 yards away from the Rice home.  They say someone shot 12 rounds from a 9 milimeter hand gun at the sign and one of those bullets traveled all the way to the bedroom causing a loud bang which woke the couple up that morning.

Authorities say an early morning jogger saw a small white car and pickup truck around the area at the time it happened.  They're continuing to investigate the incident.