School board adjusts calendar proposal, delays vote

Parents, teachers and students are going to have to wait a few more weeks for the new LPS academic calendar.

The school board decided to put off voting again after some more changes were made.  Some of the new changes include are moving the start date to August 17th, making fall break just a long three-day weekend and having the last day of the first semester end on December 23, just before winter break.

Kids would come back to school on January 9 and end the year on May 24.

School Board President Kathy Denek says, “the calendar overall meets my parameters.  I wanted the first semester to end before the first of the year.  Calendars should meet the educational needs of children; they're why we're here.”

Board member Don Mayhew says, “it's very difficult to arrive at something everybody is happy with.  We started out with an original plan, made some adjustments,which we looked at tonight, and then tonight some more adjustments were proposed.”

The board decided to hold off on a vote until their next meeting on June 22.  The board says there's no rush to figure out the calendar more than one year out.