School Board Debates AED’s

The proposal to have portable life saving devices at schools is before the Lincoln School Board for the second time.

In June, Board Members declined the proposal to have the portable heart starting devices inside Lincoln schools.   

Now, medical experts are demanding reconsideration.

Medical experts say you only have a few minutes before it's too late.   

Having the portable device, called an automatic external defibrillator or an AED, can get a heart beating again by shocking it.

But Board Members say the liability may be too much.   

Local doctors say anyone can be a victim of cardiac arrest at any time.   

They say while teaching CPR may be very crucial in school, it only scratches the surface.   

Board Member Keith Prettyman says they are worried about a lawsuit if something were to go wrong.   

Prettyman says the board needs more details as to the plan of training, maintaining, and liability issues the school could face.   

But, local doctors say there have been no cases of successful suits against anyone who's tried to use an AED.   

Senator Marian Price says the Good Samaritan Law protects anyone who renders emergency first aid.

Supporters of the AED's say if the school board does not pass the proposal, they will consider fundraising.