School board drafts contract for new superintendent

The school board has a first draft of a contract for new superintendent Dr. Stephen Joel from Grand Island.  It includes how much money he'll make as Lincoln's new superintendent.

The school board meeting was open to the public but when it came time to talk about Dr. Joel's contract, the board moved to closed session.

They came out with a contract and terms that include a three year contract with a base salary of $255,000 a year.

School Board Chair Don Mayhew says the negotiations have been going along at a good pace.  “I think this is going to be something that goes through smoothly and quickly.  I know I'm excited and Dr. Joel has communicated to me that he's excited to get things going as smoothly as possible and to be the new superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools.”

This was just the first reading of the transition agreement.  Mayhew expects Dr. Joel to take a look at it this week.  The board votes on the final version in two weeks.