School Choice Rally

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

There was a party outside of the state capitol Thursday.

Hundreds of students, teachers and other supporters were rallying for school choice.

Schools from all over came down for the cause.

They want give parents and guardians other options for education outside of traditional public schools.

"I believe parents have to have the opportunity to make the right choice for their child and those choices can be costly,” St. Bernadette School Teacher and Parent Tracey Strehle said.

Advocates said Nebraska lags behind having laws in place regarding school choice.

One of which is providing tax credits for those willing to donate for opportunity scholarships.

State Senator Jim smith of Papillion introduced a bill to change this with LB 295.

"It’s an opportunity as we seen in other states to increase the amount of scholarships that are available for kids and families who want more choices, but many not be able to afford them,” Platte Institute CEO Jim Vokal said.

"Nebraska is in a position where we can look at what everyone else did and pick out the best practices and what works the best,” Mother Deb Portz said.

Supporters said they’re not against public schools and funding for them.

They just want to open more doors to more of these young people.

"Is it about resources or is it about our  kids and so our kids are our greatest resource, so let’s make sure every kid gets what they need,” Public Citizens for Public Schools Representative Preston Harris said.

The bill was referred to the revenue committee, which was scheduled to have a hearing Thursday afternoon.