School eases parent’s nerves on first day

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

"Here you go that’s the first bell to get to class."

Summer is over and school is back in session.

For some kids it’s their very first, first day.

Decked out with new backpacks and timeless lunch boxes, the kids are ready to go.

No matter how prepared you may be, starting kindergarten is one of those milestones that can be pretty scary for kids.

"It was a little bit scary for my little daughter. My little boy was fine, he was ready to go," Angela Leddy, parent, said.

It’s not any easy day for parents either.

"You wonder, you leave them in there and you wonder how are they doing, are they doing ok, are they crying," Leddy, said.

Calvert Elementary is making the transition a little bit smoother.

Once the parents drop their kids off they can continue to keep an eye on them via video stream. The school sets up a video feed from each of the kindergarten classrooms to the cafeteria.

Its where parents get the chance to see their kids interact in the classroom and watch their fears fade.

Soon, the parent’s nerves ease as well.

"It’s really cool for the parents to see what the first hour of school is like for their kindergarteners and I think it helps parents who are a little bit uneasy about leaving," Amber Rothe, parent, said.

Parents say knowing their kids are having a good day makes walking out the door just a little bit easier.