School Recommends Expulsion for Students Who Brought Explosives to School

The families of the Pound Middle schoolers who brought fireworks and explosives to school recently have received word about how the children will be punished. After hearings last week to further review the cases, the families received letters from Lincoln Public Schools Tuesday night and the news isn't what they wanted. One of the families is crying foul, saying they weren't fairly treated.

This all started in early February, when a boy brought fireworks and explosives to Pound Middle school, and then handed them out to three others. Student Services recommended the students be expelled for a full year. And after weeks of review, Superintendent Phil Schoo agreed with that recommendation.

Julie Johnson, the mother of one student says “He didn't know he had it, he thought he had a smoke bomb. He is a victim as were the other boys that were given the fireworks.”

The fireworks were taken from a garage in southern Lancaster county. Superintendent Schoo says the cases were thoroughly reviewed before he reached his decision. He says the families have a week to appeal his decision to the Board of Education. The boy who took the fireworks from the garage to school did not challenge the student services expulsion recommendation. He, like the three others will face a year out of the Lincoln Public School district.

We also should mention police have been in contact with the owner of all those illegal fireworks and explosives, whose name they are not releasing. All they will say is that their investigation is still ongoing. The County Attorney will have the next say when he decides what, if any, charges will be filed.