Scott Middle School learns the value of a dollar

By: Rachel Witter

Some area middle schoolers gave back to the community Thursday and learned a lesson in smart shopping too.

The value of a dollar. It's something we all take for granted, but sixth graders at Scott Middle School not only got a lesson in budgeting, they reached out to the community as well.

What can $800 buy? These sixth graders were on a mission to find out. “Our teacher got a list from the Food Bank of the most needed foods as Food Bank and so we tried to aim for mostly those kinds of foods. Likes staples that people need,” said the students.

They collected money for the Lincoln Food Bank and headed over to Super Saver to get the most bang for their buck. The goal of this project was for the students to raise $500, take that and go buy groceries. THese students raised $800 and filled the Food Bank's Toyota Highlander.

With a limited budget and a shopping list in hand, the students took on Super Saver and got the job done. They may have learned a few budgeting tricks in the process. “You could bring coupons if you wanted and so that made it easier too,” one student said. “It was pretty easy because pretty much all you had to do was buy the generic brand of everything,” said another.

But $800 sure did buy a lot, benefiting the community in a big way. “As you can see they filled our Toyota with food and it's amazing. You never know with these kinds of food drives, how they're going to do, but this is a huge one, a huge winner,” said John Mabry with the Lincoln Food Bank.

The kids learned what it's like to eat on a set dollar amount and they also found out just how challenging grocery shopping can be. “It was pretty hard to dodge all the people who were shopping there, like regulars. The aisles are really small,” said one of the students.

These middle schoolers will help a lot of people in the community through the project. If you want to help the Food Bank out, now is a good time with the holidays right around the corner.