Scott’s Make a Difference Fair

Posted by: Nolan Crane

Sixth graders at Scott Middle School are helping local non–profit organizations raise money. Last year they collected more than $9,000 and this year they hope to make even more. Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

This is the 4th annual Make A Difference Fair where students have spent several months researching a non–profit organization that helps make a difference. There are more than 60 different organizations including Susan G. Komen, Special Olympics and the Capital Humane Society. They are now making boards that will be displayed during a fundraiser on March 5th… From 4:30–6 P.M. that we are all invited to.

“I’m trying to raise money for capital humane society. I’m hoping to raise about $100 to $200 for them,” says Emma Noack.

“I choose climate change because I feel like that’s the problem behind like water pollution,” says Ethan Nguyen.

“What we hope is that the students can see that they make a difference. That they can see the writing that they do and the reading that they do has a purpose,” says Eric Nelson.

In addition to raising money for good causes, the teachers say the students also learn persuasive writing and researching skills.