Search continues for 50-year-old Lincoln woman

The search continues for 50–year–old Shelly Miller.

 "It’s a big mystery. Where could she be,” longtime boss and friend George Kholousi said.

She has been missing since this past Saturday.

That’s when her northeast Lincoln home caught fire from an unattended candle.

She wasn’t home at the time and her cell phone was left behind.

Her family has been trying to contact her, but with no luck.

"We’re all very concerned. I don’t know how you couldn’t be. I don’t know if someone has her or something happened to her,” Shelly’s Younger Sister Christine Johnson said.

Miller worked at George’s Auto Sales near 15th and Cornhusker Highway for almost 30 years.

She quit there earlier this year.

Her former coworkers and boss are also worried.

"I’m hoping that she’s not dead. It’s very unusual. It’s really unusual usually in a day you can find out what happened to somebody,” Kholousi said.

Miller’s loved ones said she has been going through some tough times lately.

Her former boss saw her last week.

He said she didn’t seem like herself.

"She pretended she’s OK, but I was feeling that she’s not. She was, you know,the pressure. She was depressed,” he said.

Miller is described as 5’5 and about 140 pounds.

She drives a 2003 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee with some rust on the panels.

It has the Nebraska license plate TEF 894.

Her family hopes she comes home soon.

"Get back home because no matter what happened we’ll figure it out,” Johnson said.

Miller’s loved ones are asking if you know anything about her whereabouts to please call police at 402-441-6000.