Second Round of Storms Hit Monday, Hallam Residents Evacuated Again

It was another unsettling day in Hallam on Monday. Residents waded through heavy traffic Monday morning to get into town for clean-up efforts, and then had to leave again. About 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, Governor Johanns, Senator Hagel, and a FEMA official were among those making their helicopter fly-over to assess the damage caused by Saturday's storm.

After landing, Senator Hagel said everything possible is being done to get help for Hallam from the federal level. Hagel said, “We called the White House this (Monday) morning. I sent a personal letter over to the President, and we talked to the White house before I flew in this morning, so they're well aware of this. They've pledged complete support and help, and I know the Governor has communication with the President as well.”

FEMA official Dick Hainje who also made the flyover and toured Hallam said there is a strong case for affected Nebraska counties to be declared federal disaster areas.

Then, as word came about more severe weather advisories Monday afternoon, everyone was ordered to evacuate again. Residents did not hesitate to make their exit, because of what more bad weather might be like amidst all the debris.