Second Sunday: Bryan Trauma Center

Dr. Shannon says the techniques Bryan Health uses in Lincoln are not available anywhere else in the state.
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Kendra Henderson has driven thru the intersection of 40th and Yankee Hill countless times, but just several months ago in March she was t–boned at 45 miles per hour.

Henderson’s 12-year-old daughter was in the passenger seat.

“All I remember is getting hit and then walking up at one point to a fireman saying, ‘Kendra, Kendra, are you here,” said Henderson.

Thankfully, her daughter only had minor injuries. As for Kendra, she was sent straight to Bryan Health’s Trauma Center with severe rib and pelvis fractures. Bryan receives alerts from Lincoln Fire and Rescue so they are able to be prepared for the injury coming in.

“She broke her pelvis, she had actually broken it through the front of the ring and also she broke it all the way through the back, both sides,” said Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Steven Shannon.

Henderson underwent a nearly 4 to 5 hour surgery. Dr. Shannon says the techniques Bryan Health uses in Lincoln are not available anywhere else in the state.

“It allows us to do more invasive surgeries for these patients and fix them with tiny incisions using guide wires and screws and live x-ray in the OR to actually fix their pelvis,” said Dr. Shannon.

Henderson says the entire process was not easy, trying to mentally prepare herself for what was next was most challenging for her.

“I had a lot of anger at first, I would say just from the accident and then as I moved forward and saw the progress I was doing I was more thankful for everything,” said Henderson.

Dr. Shannon says in a perspective of speed, her recovery was much faster than what they typically see.

“Six weeks after surgery, I took away her cane and I took away her crutches,” said Dr. Shannon. “I told her that I wanted to see her walk and she walked phenomenal, it was pretty amazing.”

Henderson’s two children are her entire world. She was constantly thinking about her daughter, the one who was right next to her during the bad accident.

“I just remember her saying it’s okay mom, you are going to be okay.” said Henderson. “I’ve never seen more of a braver kid in my life.”

Henderson says there are not enough words to express how thankful she is for everyone involved in her recovery, especially the team at Bryan’s Trauma Center.

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