Security Tight for Dick Cheney Visit

A fundraising event set for Friday morning is bringing Vice President Dick Cheney to his hometown of Lincoln. The Vice President will preside over a fundraiser breakfast for Republican Congressional Candidate Jeff Fortenberry.

Cheney was born in Lincoln in 1941 and lived most of his early years here. When he was 13, his family moved. Though he swung through Omaha last July, Cheney has not returned to Lincoln since 1994. And with the Vice President's arrival, security in Lincoln will no doubt be tight.

The Lincoln Police Department wants to let the public know several streets and a few parking garages in downtown Lincoln will be temporarily closed Friday as the Vice President travels through the downtown area. Police will also be out on the streets handling traffic. Dick Cheney is leaving Lincoln late Friday morning. Traffic and parking should be back to normal for your evening commute.