Semi rollover accident traps driver and cattle

By: Kayla Bremer

An accident Friday morning leaves a semi on it's side and dozens of cattle trapped.

Highway 41 outside of Adams was shut down for four hours while crews and volunteers helped round up more than 60 cattle.  

Bert Scott was driving the semi when he swerved to miss a turning truck.  

“I got up on that truck and he just no break lights, no signal lights or nothing so I headed to the ditch to keep from going on into oncoming traffic and when I hit him he just went from one side of the road to the other and I laid it over,” Scott said.

Scott says he was most worried when he couldn't get out of the cab and thought it was going to catch fire.   Luckily that didn't happen and witnesses got him out safely.

Myron Dorn was among many others who were in town when they received the rescue call.   He says within minutes, 20 or 30 people were there with livestock trailers and panels to help with the cattle.

“It probably took us an hour, hour and a half to dismantle the semi enough and then go inside and cut some more of the frame of that out too and stuff so we could get all the cattle out,” Dorn said.   “The amazing thing to me was they were all able to walk off of the trailer…I just couldn't believe it.”

Sheriff's Deputies say some of the cattle were cut and one broke a leg, but all survived.

Both Dorn and Scott say they were amazed at how quickly and how many people came to help.

“I told the Deputy Sheriff I've never seen anything like it in my life,” Scott said.   “I mean they were there, trucks and trailers, panels…I mean it was quick.”

No one in either of the trucks were injured.   As for the cattle, they were all taken to a hog farm nearby and will be moved Saturday morning.