Sen. Lynne Walz Trying to Start New Mental Health Program

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

Nebraska senator’s bill is aimed to help out Nebraska students that are experiencing mental health problems.

According to Senator Lynne Walz’s bill, school officials believe that mental health services is the number one need for students, and she believes her bill will solve the problem.

"We put into place that we’re working on what would put a social worker into each of the Educational Service Units, across the state," says Sen. Walz. 

Senator Walz of Fremont thinks a social worker would work best because they have more resources.

"What this social worker will do is connect children and families to resources that are in that community we wanted to have a social worker because usually a social worker is the best person who knows most about the resources that are in a community."

She also thinks a social worker could help prevent school violence here in Nebraska, specifically gun violence.

"You know I think that we are so busy trying to put out the fire, put out the fire, put out the fire, and treat, treat, treat, treat kids in schools right now that we haven’t concentrated enough on what can we do to prevent this from every happening," explained Sen. Walz 

In her bill the program would be totally privately funded for the next three years.

"We all know that if anything has a fiscal note this year it wouldn’t even be heard, so we decided that private funding would be the answer for this, it would be the vehicle to getting kids the help that they need," added Sen. Walz 

After the three years, each educational service unit would reevaluate if they need the program. Then they can try to figure out how to pay for it. This bill is still being voted on. But Senator Walz is hopeful it will pass and help students here in Nebraska with mental health issues.