Senator Ben Nelson says Kerrey is best candidate

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Senator Nelson said we need to stop the Gridlock in Washington. He said Bob Kerrey is the one who will cross the aisle in the senate to accomplish more.

As the two candidates for senate are vying for Ben Nelson's seat, he spoke out about who he thinks will really be the bipartisan candidate the economy needs.

Senator Ben Nelson tells a room of UNL Law School students, the last four years in Washington was 'Gotcha-blocking Politics”.

“What we've had in the senate is a minority blocking the majority and then criticizing the majority for getting nothing done,” Senator Nelson said.

Nelson said the most important item to tackle in the next term is the economy, and to really get anything done, it has to be a bipartisan effort.

“He has a focus on what we need to do in Washington to get anything done—and that is to be able to reach across the aisle,” Nelson said.

Nelson said yesterday's bid endorsement was a great example. Former Senator and Republican Chuck Hagel threw his support to Kerrey.

Nelson said it's a true sign that Kerrey can get any two sides on the same page.

“Chuck Hagel and I've had out political differences for a long time. But he's proven that, if he can bring the 2 of us together to support him, that he could bridge that political divide,” Nelson said.

He said the key to being bipartisan, the way Kerrey said he will be, is to be able to step away from the party to which you belong, when it's necessary.

“Bob Kerrey's the kind who can go to Washington and be independent–minded and say no the party when necessary, as I have, and try to do what's right for the country,” He said.

Nelson also said he'll vote for President Obama, saying what he's offering Americans in the next four years are solutions, not slogans.