Senate Candidate Forum

By: Jenn Hatcher

The nation is five months away from the November elections and candidates are already touting how they differ on hot topics.

Monday night, Nebraska’s two senate candidates shared their views in a forum hosted by Boys and Girls State, a program is for high school students interested in politics and current events.

Democrat Dave Domina and Republican Ben Sasse, were given ten minutes to introduce themselves to the hundreds of teenagers from all across the state.

Then they answered multiple questions.

Topics included the affordable care act, agriculture, immigration, drone usage, marijuana and same sex marriage.

The candidates views on marriage differ but both agree it’s an issue that should be handled at the state level.

Sasse says, “The federal interest in marriage is primarily about creating tax policies, that try to do what is best for the upbringing of kids and it’s empirically obvious that kids are best raised in a world where they have one mother and one father cause that’s what we’ve all been create with by nature.”

Domina replied, “It is not empirically obvious from something that we observe about the human urge to engage in sexual contact as we create ourselves, that’s different from marriage.”