Senate fails to gain enough votes to override veto

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

In Washington the Senate has failed to override president Obama’s veto of the bill constructing the Keystone pipeline. The Senate was four votes short of overriding President Obama’s veto with a 62-37 tally.

However this does not mean the pipeline won’t be built. In his veto Obama said the act of Congress cut short issues of national interest.

Those national interests are energy security, environmental, cultural and economic impacts as well as foreign policy.

Spokesperson from TransCanada Mark Cooper said they are not giving up hope on the project.

Cooper said, “We remain encouraged by the long standing bipartisan support for Keystone XL.

We’ll continue to advocate for a project that makes sense economically, environmentally geopolitically for the American people.”

US Senator Deb Fisher’s office said she was not surprised by today’s vote.

She says the president will have to defend his position and his lack of answers to the American people.

Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska, a group against the pipeline says, Republicans gambling with our water and property rights by trying over and over again to shove Keystone down our throats shows how the Republicans value big oil interests over anything else.

Even though the president didn’t like the bill he vetoed he could still approve the project.

He’s expected to weigh heavily on environmental impacts and economic benefits when considering his decision on the future of the pipeline in America.

There is no expected date for Obama’s final decision.

Republicans in the Senate have said they will find a way to force the pipeline’s approval by attaching it onto a spending bill or broader energy legislation.