Senator Chuck Hagel Makes Appearance in Lincoln

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel made a special trip to Lincoln Tuesday. He spoke at a Lincoln business luncheon about many issues currently affecting our country and state.

Senator Hagel only spoke for about ten minutes, but during this time he touched on many issues threatening the U.S. and Nebraska. The Senator had everyone's attention as he addressed the current situation in Iraq. As the United States stands ready to take action against Saddam Hussein, Hagel says its going to be an expensive mission. In 1991, the Persian Gulf War cost the U.S. 75 billion dollars and that was with the help of allied forces. Hagel says this time around America stands alone and it cost us more than money.

The U.S. Senate adjourned before deciding on another issue that hits close to home. The senator talked about the devastation of the drought. A couple of weeks ago he introduced a bill to the senate for immediate drought assistance for Nebraska. That measure will be up for vote next month but Hagel says it's hard to get help when our country is in a budget crunch.

One other note, Senator Ben Nelson plans on holding a special drought meeting in Grand Island on August 20th.