Senator Johanns Tours Omaha Flooding

Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns is in the process of assessing the preparations for the flooding and he made a stop in Omaha this morning.

The senator first made a stop in Nebraska City this morning before taking his tour to Omaha. The senator says he is pleased with the work being done. With the Missouri river now reaching more than 36 feet…the danger of flooding is becoming more real than ever.

During his visit to Omaha today, Senator Mike Johanns toured through the Izard pumping site with Mayor Jim Suttle. There crews are working to prevent storm water from spilling into the city.

The senator praises the city's efforts. “Again what I see here is remarkably proactive. Having been a mayor myself, and a governor having dealt with disasters…the effort always is to stay one step ahead of what you're dealing with,” Johanns says.

Several pumps designed to operate in wet weather have been added, but the job is not done yet.  Crews are working on adding 8 more pumps which will spill water back into the river.

Omaha Fire Department Dan Stolinski says, “phase two of the Burt/izard west station project…just to our west. Our goal is to have that completed by Friday of next week. When completed, those pumps will be able to discharge a half a billion gallons of water a day.”

Despite the diligent work and vast preparations, Senator Mike Johanns warns there's still more to be done and the battle is far from over. “we're going to have high flows, I think, for the remainder of the year. As they anticipate, the corps of engineers, anticipate what's coming potentially next year and they want to be ready for that,” he says.

Omaha fire department tells us evacuation preparedness notifications have been sent out. Residents should receive them very soon.