Senator Mike Johanns holds town hall meeting

As Congress takes its August recess, one Nebraska senator is staying busy.  Mike Johann's began a series of town hall meetings on Monday, starting in Lincoln.

In one of his first town hall meetings of the August recess, Senator Johanns took questions from concerned Nebraskans on a number of issues ranging from immigration to cap and trade.

But, he says the biggest concern always comes down to one thing. “People are worried that we are taking on way to much debt.  They worry about their children, they are worried the jobs aren't going to be there when they get out of school, It's all of those things.  It's economic pocketbook issues.”

And he says when the issues directly effect Nebraskans, the turnout will be successful.  “By the end of two very large weeks, I will have talked to thousands of people and there is no substitute for that.  There is no substitute for coming out and asking people what's on their mind.”

Merv Goodrick was at Monday's meeting he says the number of people who showed up is making a statement.  “I thought it was a good turnout.  We cant just let it go on and on and on.  We have to do something.”