Senator Mike Johanns optimistic about fiscal cliff talks

By: Ashley Harding

Both sides met again today in Washington to try and prevent the so-called fiscal cliff. Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns says he is optimistic, but has some worries. 

Senator Mike Johanns was in Lincoln this afternoon. He says he hopes neither side will raise the bar so high that coming to an agreement is impossible.  He also says he worries that too many people believe the Bush era tax changes were about the wealthy getting a tax break. He says that isn't the case at all and there could be serious repercussions if a deal isn't met.

 “You know, there's a whole host of things. Small rates would go up. So believe me, trust me, everybody's going to feel the pain of this if we can't get it solved by the end of the year,” said Johanns.

 A deal needs to set in place by January 1st. Several congressmen have said they think a temporary deal will be made, which would allow both sides more time early next year to hammer out a permanent deal.