Senator Nelson Addresses Nebraskans

By: Darby Bybee

Senator Ben Nelson voted “no” against the debt ceiling increase, and today he told us why. 

Senator Nelson was in the state today upon the request of many Nebraskans who wanted to know why he said no to the increase, but he certainly had his reasons.

It wasn't so much raising the debt ceiling Senator Nelson was against, but more so the consequences of the deal President Obama signed into effect, which now creates a committee of congressmen who will spend the coming months deciding where cuts need to be made in the national budget.

“I don't see how you can take 12 members of Congress, six from each party, and suddenly put them in a room and their going to come up with an agreement,” said Senator Nelson.

Not just any agreement, but one, says Senator Nelson, that could threaten Medicare benefits and the U.S. Military. If the committee sees fit, both could be on the chopping block.

“The only difference is it won't be whether or not the debt ceiling is raised, but there will be constant uncertainty as to what the cuts will consist of, if at all.”

The issues in Washington didn't end with the budget crisis either. When asked at a press conference about the seemingly constant debate over the transcontinental pipeline being built over the Ogallala Aquifer, Governor Heineman told reporters Senator Nelson should use his “close relationship with the secretary of state and president to block its development. He's the one person who could impact his decision, and he ought to make that call.”

Senator Nelson replied, “This is the governor  that wants me to inject politics into the State Department.   It's outrageous.”