Senator Nelson weighs in on power plants

Senator Ben Nelson weighed in on Missouri River flooding and Nebraska's nuclear power plants.  He says he's confident the appropriate actions are being taken.

While some question the safety of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, Senator Nelson says he trusts those in charge are doing their jobs and doing it right. “All I have to go on is what everybody else has and that's the NRC, working with the corps, working with the OPPD and NPPD, to do everything they can.  And thus far, they have said the plants are safe.”

Fort Calhoun has been shut down since April for refueling.  The Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville continues to operate.

The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Committee toured both last week and says the rising waters aren't at a level where they pose a threat to what's inside the stations.

Senator Nelson also says he is waiting for the Army Corps of Engineers to release an assessment of their work.  He says it's important to know what type of model they're using and why releases at Gavins Point dam have been done the way they have.  “Second guessing is part of it and trusting is part of this as well, but verifying that they have in fact taken every step and every measure necessary that they could've under the circumstances, given what they knew and given what they should've known, based on prior experience, but also on anticipating what is the most extreme situation that could happen.”