Senator submits voter identification proposal

Posted By: Sarah Fili

State Senator John Murante wants to change the way Nebraskan’s vote. He’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would require voters to show identification before they cast their ballot. He hopes to reassure voters that the election is safe from fraud.

"There’s a lot of questions about the integrity of our election systems. After this presidential election year more than ever, people need to have confidence in our election systems,” Senator Murante said.

Advocacy groups say Nebraska doesn’t have a voter fraud problem, adding this will only make it more difficult for people to have their opinions heard.

"We’re talking about individuals with disabilities or people who may not have a drivers license or don’t have the money to pay for a state id card, we’re looking at elder citizens who no longer utilize driving and don’t have a state id cars, we’re talking about minorities that may not have up to date information or up to date licenses or maybe they take the bus, students, college students, that maybe they’re out of state college students but they have the right to vote here,” Bri McLarty Huppert, Nebraskans for Civic Reform, said.

Their solution is to make information more readily available to everyone, and find new ways to advance ballot box systems.

"A lot of that wasn’t going to be solved by voter identification that was going to be solved by securing our elections and making sure we up to date technology and software,” McLarty Huppert said.

The amendment will now go before the government committee. After that, they’ll hold a public hearing. The final product, if it makes it to the floor, will go on the general election ballot November 2018.

We did speak to both parties about the alleged Russian hacking, they say Nebraska is safe from that- as our systems aren’t connected to the internet in any way.