Series of break-ins in Bennet

Posted By: Jenn Schanz 

Rev. Darin Corder got a big surprise when he came into work Saturday morning at the Bennet Community Church.

Someone had broken in.

“I really feel like there’s been kind of an attack, a violation,” says the Reverend of almost 9 years. 

The suspect(s) got in through the back door, and then broke into the Church’s office, where they got their hands on a new laptop.

“I didn’t really notice the laptop being or really anything out of the ordinary, until I started looking for the laptop and I realized I couldn’t find it,” Corder says. 

Sheriff’s deputies believe the burglary occurred early Friday morning, and the Bennet Community Church wasn’t the only place hit.

Also targeted?

Thirsty’s Bar and Grill, The Voice News, and The Bennet Village Office.

An unlocked van in the area was also broken into; some small items were taken.

Deputies don’t have any suspects, but they say these break–ins aren’t random.

“We do believe that they’re all connected based on the proximity, the method in which the business were attempted to be entered or entered, and also the timeliness of the complaints,” says Chief Deputy Jeff Bliemeister of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department. 

The Church doesn’t have video surveillance, but Corder says after this incident, he’s going to look into getting better outdoor lighting.

Again, deputies are still searching for those responsible for these break-ins. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at 402-441-6500.