Arthroscopy- Meniscal repair

    1. Damage to the meniscus can inhibit people's ability to walk.
    2. Damage to any part of the knee can dramatically restrict the normal movement of the leg.
    3. Symptoms: swelling, restricted movement, pain, inability to stand

Shoulder Replacements      

    1. Symptoms:
      • i. Swelling of the joint
      • ii. Stiffness
      • iii. Limited range of motion
      • iv. Joint tenderness
      • v. An increased amount of pain with activities

Knee replacements

    1. Reasons for a knee replacement:
      • i. Osteoarthritis
      • ii. Rheumatoid arthritis
      • iii. Candidates for a knee replacement:
        • 1. Daily pain
        • 2. Stiffness in the knee
        • 3. Instability
        • 4. Deformity

Hip replacements

    1. Signs a patient might need a hip replacement
      • i. Constant Hip/groin pain
      • ii. Hip pain that limits the person from doing enjoyable activities
      • iii. Hip arthritis symptoms

  1. Doing activities where there is an increased amount of pain.
  2. Walking with a limp
  3. A constant stiffness of the hip


Hand/Wrist surgery

    1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • i. Condition occurs when there is pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the wrist under the carpal tunnel ligament.
  • ii. Symptoms
  • iii. Sharp/pinning pain that lasts a long time. (more than a few minutes)

Foot/ankle surgery

    1. Ankle arthritis
  • i. What causes ankle arthritis?
    1. Previous ankle injuries
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis
    3. Infection
    4. Genetics
    5. Body weight
  • ii. Symptoms:
    1. Stiffness
    2. Swelling of the joint
    3. Instability
    4. Deformity of the joint

ACL reconstruction

      • i. Giving away of the knee
      • ii. Constant pain in the knee
      • iii. At the time of injury the person may hear a “pop”
      • iv. Swelling of the knee joint

Arthroscopy-partial menisectomy