Several Businesses Robbed

Lincoln police are still looking for two teenage boys they believe committed a string of robberies Thursday night. Within two hours, three different businesses were hit. The suspects were armed with a hunting knife. They hit two gas stations and a restaurant. Fortunately, no one was injured. The robberies happened between eight and ten o'clock p.m. The two suspects are believed to be teenagers. The suspects first went to the Isles Pub on Havelock Avenue. Police say they asked two employees for their wallets and cell phones. Then, around thirty minutes later, the EZ shop on North 70th street was robbed at knife point. The suspects demanded cash and ran from the scene. An hour later the Gas 'N' Shop located on Cotner was hit. The suspects demanded money and fled. A witness told police they saw a brown four door car leaving the area of the last robbery. Police want to urge businesses to take extra precaution especially after hours. The suspects are described as white males around 16 to 18 years old. They were dressed in black. Police are asking if you have any information, to please call crime stoppers at 475-3600.