Several Jockeys Injured In Freak Accident

By:  Ian Hest

A scary accident last night at the Lincoln race course breaks one man's face, sending three jockeys in total to the hospital.

Six horses collided in the accident.

We've learned jockey Armando Martinez, the most severally injured, has just been moved out of intensive care.  His family says he was rushed to Bryan LGH West last night after a horse clipped the one he was riding causing the chain reaction.

They say one horse then stepped on Martinez's face breaking it in several places.

His wife, Kelli says, “The jockey's they take a lot a lot of risk. I mean every time they go out there anything can happen whatsoever. You know, Armando was a half inch from where the horse stepped on him to killing him instantly.”

Two other jockeys went to the hospital as well, both have since been released.