Severe Weather Rips Through Midwest

By:  Megan Palera

Thurman isn't the only town recovering tonight, severe weather bore down on cities all across Nebraska.

From tornadoes to a downpour of hail, people all across the state are still in shock at what mother nature left behind this weekend.

A twister caught on camera by a resident near North Platte.  It was just one of four to touch down in the area Saturday.

So far, no reports of heavy damage, a good sign for this small town already hit hard by tornadoes last month.

To the North, people in Norfolk dealing with a different kind of storm, a torrential downpour of hail.

So thick it has to be shoveled. So heavy, it flooded streets.

Norfolk hospital had to temporarily move its emergency department to a different floor Saturday after four feet of water seeped into the building.

Luckily, no patients or workers were injured.

It was a close call for one Johnson county resident.  Jared Neidermeyer's home was destroyed.  Just seconds after he headed for the basement.  He says, “five more seconds and I would have been in the neighbors.”

The twister took down power lines and barns, but his was the only house completely destroyed when it hit just after five Saturday evening.  “about 10 seconds. Kaboom! one big bang is what I heard and then it seemed pretty calm and I could hear the door banging around up there and I looked out and just seen the sky,” Neidermeyer says.

 Just Southwest of Cook, residents in Sterling still shocked at the damage they see.

80 mile an hour winds uprooted trees and knocked the football field's announcer booth right of its foundation.

Rebecca Cambron says, “it was just unbelievable. You just felt this vibration and you looked outside and it was just terrifying.”

That was just some of the worst damage to come out of last night's storm.  Amazingly through all of this, there were no serious injuries.