Severe weather struck Nebraska

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

Lincoln saw record breaking rainfall Christmas day, but surrounding towns had it much worse. At least half a dozen severe wind reports happened across the state. Milford, Friend, and Seward were just a few that experienced this rare winter weather pattern. One Seward business owner experienced something even more unexpected.

"It was kind of a surprised because we didn’t hear any warnings, other than a thunder storm warning, so it kind of came unexpected to have this much damage today," said Bob Meyer.

Seward had around 60 mph wind gusts that flipped trailers and threw them into a fence at Meyer Automotive. Owners say they think it may have been a small tornado.

"When I came here and looked across at my trailers, it kind of had a path going across about 100 foot wide where most of the damage was. It went over to my neighbors and you can kind of see where it clipped some of his buildings over and it kind of did damage into the tree line," said Meyer.

Meyer estimated around 200 thousand dollars worth of damage to just the trailers, but says it could have been worse.

"Thankfully we were closed and there were no employees here. No one got hurt so we’ll just clean it up and go on," said Meyer.

The National Weather Service hasn’t officially reported any tornadoes in Nebraska on Sunday. The damage first has to be assessed by the Damage Survey Crews.

"This type of weather during December, at Christmas time, you don’t expect to have a severe thunder storm or possible mild tornado, if that’s what it was, to do this type of damage,” said Meyer.

Meyer Automotive will be open, as usual, this week.