Seward Gas Station Wins Big

By: Rachael Witter

Just last week, this gas station sold a 2 million dollar winning ticket to a regular customer. Russ Kent, the owner of Gas N Snaks in Seward, says this isn't the first time someone has walked out of these doors a winner.
“We started with the original lottery tickets when they first came out and we've sold them the whole time, my dad was on the first lottery advisory board so he did a real good job of promoting it when we first started. Our growth has just been continuous since then and the more we grow, the more winners we have so it just continues to snowball.” said Kent.

The winning powerball ticket was sold may 10th by Norene Graham to Lonnie White of Seward. Since then, she says there has been a boom in lottery ticket sales.

“They ask a lot of questions and we have people come in that haven't bought them before. I had one gentleman come in and he said I want one of those things that somebody won 2 million dollars on, so he didn't even know what it was. So I explained it to him.” said Graham.

The Nebraska lottery presented Gas N Snaks a check for 20 thousand dollars. The lottery gives retailers 1% of the big jackpots. Kent says he'll use the money for improvements around the store.
“We're always excited when we can go out and do this and give the retailer a little extra because of the work they're doing for the lottery. We really value our partnership with the retailers.” said Jim Haynes, director of the NE Lottery.