Seward native relives night in Paris during attacks

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

23–year–old Sarah Garbers was wrapping up her trip in Europe last Friday with the final stop being in Paris.

She and a group of more than 50 others decided to cap off their night at a local bar after leaving a show at the Moulin Rouge.

It was about six minutes away from the attacks which have left more than 120 dead and hundreds injured.

They forced the bar to lockdown.

She says many were huddled in the back crying and praying for the best.

"I was just very scared and shocked and everyone around me was just in disbelief," Sarah Garbers of Seward said.

After two hours of being locked in , the group was free to go.

Garbers said the streets were eerily deserted.

She could hear sounds of ambulances in the distance.

The Seward native said they were just focused on getting back to their hotel.

"I was just shivering because I was just so scared and you didn’t hear people talking. We just were trying to get out of there,” Garbers said.

Garbers planned to come home the next day prior to the attacks.

She was still able to do that, but she was worried she wouldn’t be able to leave the country.

Now, back on U.S. soil, Garbers says the whole experience is surreal and kind of blur.

"I was just so relieved to be back the United States. I never realized how safe if felt here until I landed,” Garbers said.

Garbers said the rest of the group was also able to leave the country to go back home.

She said she won’t let this experience stop her visiting the country in the future.