Seward School Lawsuit

Seward School District officials are being sued by a family who says their daughter was harassed by other students who thought she was gay. The lawsuit asks for $750,000 in damages. Jamie Davis, now 20-years old, left Seward High School about two years ago. She says she could no longer take harassment from other students. Jamie, a special education student, suffers from attention-deficit and anger disorders, among other things. The lawsuit says students harassed and ridiculed her because of “her boyish clothes and masculine appearance”. So school officials are being sued, on the grounds that they didn't do enough to stop it. Jamie's mother says it went beyond name-calling. She's been in the hospital and attempted suicide, because of the stress. The school district's attorney, Randy Goyette says, “The defendants intend to file a response, denying the claim and intend to vigorously defend the lawsuit.”