Seward Water Warning

Seward residents got some bad news yesterday after the Environmental Protection Agency ordered the city to warn residents about high nitrate levels in the drinking water. This announcement comes as a surprise to some residents. While others say they've known about dangerous nitrate levels for quite a while. But now, the drought is making the situation worse.

Alison Walling was 7-months pregnant before she found out that the city of Seward had dangerously high nitrate levels in it's tap water. Walling says the city of Seward never warned her about high nitrates. Recently, levels got so high that the E-P-A ordered the city to send out a warning, saying parents should not give water to infants. High nitrates can poison a babies body, and can be fatal. Nitrates come from natural and man-made fertilizers, that soak into the soil and are absorbed into the water supply.

The city of Seward is considering a 4-and-a-half million dollar treatment center that may eventually ease the problem. A spokesman for the city says nitrate levels can normally be controlled by adding clean water from nearby wells. But in a drought season., the well water is drying up. Leaving the nitrates behind.

The city of Seward spends about 5-hundred-dollars a month to provide parents and expecting mothers with free bottled water. You do have to be a customer of the Seward water system to qualify for the free water. Also, an important reminder, if you live outside city limits, your water could be just as bad or worse. But that will be your own expense. If you have questions you can call the water department at 643-3433.