Sex offender allowed to live across from elementary school

By: Ian Hest

Police say 33-year-old David Petr was arrested last week for encouraging teenage boys to trade sexual acts for drugs. Petr has a history of sexual abuse. In 2005, he was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor, but even more startling, he lives directly across the street from Hill Elementary.

Police say that someone convicted of sexual abuse cannot live within 500 feet of a school. That is, unless they've lived there since before January 1st of 2010. A grandfather clause many residents here are uncomfortable with.

Petr's lived in the same house since 2004. “He's still engaging in this type of behavior. He hasn't stopped. So just because the rule or the law was passed after the fact, the point is to protect kids and they're not protecting kids by letting him move back into that house,” said Christy Lien, a mother of teenagers that lives in the same neighborhood as Petr.

Lien, who has two teenaged boys, says she was shocked to learn about the situation from the news. “I can't believe that we weren't notified that he's in the neighborhood and I can't believe that he's right across the street from Hill school,” she said.

Lien says she's never been told that there was a sexual predator living nearby, and was scared to learn he targets boys her son's age.

“I certainly don't think there should be some sort of grandfather allowed for that because he's obviously a threat to the children that live in the neighborhood and the children that go to school so I don't think that's right,” Lien said.

Police say they're looking for possibly more victims, but as long as he doesn't move, Petr's allowed to remain across the street from Hill Elementary.