Sex offender convicted in child molestation case

Samuel Craigie

A Lincoln man who's listed on Nebraska's Sex Offender Registry has been convicted of molesting another little boy.

38-year-old Samuel Craigie was found guilty of two charges last week after a bench trial in Lancaster County District Court. Craigie's scheduled to be sentenced on May 31. He was convicted of sexual assault of a child and intentional child abuse for incidents that occurred on Sept. 14, 2009.

Court records say Craigie had inappropriate contact with the boy while they were alone in Craigie's apartment. The boy's mother told investigators that she knew Craigie was a sex offender and that his victim more than a dozen years ago was 5 years old, about the same age as her son in 2009.

In a separate case, Craigie is charged with possession of child pornography.  A hearing on that charge is scheduled for May 25th.